1. J. Huggles
Goodwill Ambassasor
As an extension of you, the host, J J Huggles
will act as your personal ambassador of good
will by greeting guests, giving directions, and
generally keeping your fair goers entertained
and comfortable.

J J Huggles wants to put a smile in your
heart, while creating a sea of smiling faces.
His performances, which combine traditional
clown skills and practiced showmanship, leave
behind laughter and pleasure that will long be
remembered by family audiences. His clean
makeup and easygoing style draw children
to him in a way that has to be seen to be
In between shows he will stroll the fair in his comedy car that puts on a show of its own. This attraction features a scaled down replica of a 1932 Model Roadster. This specially designed one of a kind automobile is guaranteed to put a smile on everyone's face as it entertains your customer with water, smoke, sounds and maybe even a mind of its own, it performs from both inside the car and remotely from outside the car.
Within a 6-hour period each day, J J Huggles will do up to three 30-minute magic variety stage shows consisting of magic, fun, games and prizes. All of J J Huggles' shows are designed for family audiences.